Make Connections

Get to know me...


I guess if I'm asking you for your business, I should tell you mine, right? I'll start with the resume: I have my BSBA in Marketing and my Masters in Organizational Change and Development. I have taken extensive courses in consulting as well; enough to earn my consulting certificate.  All of that education helps, but really doesn't mean much unless you have experience (I do), and keep up with the fast changing technological world (I do). I've been in the marketing industry for  over 10 years and have been doing websites for over 5. I continue to take classes to keep learning and connecting and I have a mentor in website development.

I'm a mom and I started Powers Marketing to help supplement my income. I was already building and managing websites for my day job and doing some pro bono for a couple of non-profits. I really enjoy all aspects of it... the communication and marketing, the creativity, and the detail of piecing things together and figuring things out.

I'm honest. I'm authentic. I don't pretend to know everything. If I don't know how to expedite a task and someone else has a specific expertise in it, I will use them to assist. Just like a contractor will hire an electrician, I will hire out for things someone else can do better or faster. That is the "we" in Powers Marketing. You don't just get me, you get my contacts as well.


My Approach

Getting started can be daunting. You may know what your challenges are but have no idea what your needs are - much less how to measure them. Start by connecting with me and we'll go from there. You have your area of expertise, this is mine.

After we connect, I'll send you a formal proposal including the scope of work. From then on, it will mostly be just answering questions from me. Some clients want to be involved in every word and every step and others just want to be able to edit the product. This is up to you.