Full-Scale Marketing and Website Development

Kulana Hale Senior Apartments

Kulana Hale needed a fresh marketing plan.  They had an old website that wasn't as effective as they wanted it to be.  With 55 being the new 40, their residents were now more and more Internet savvy and really able to do research on their own.  I completely redid their website, moved their hosting to GoDaddy (more user friendly), and evaluated where our marketing focus' should be.  We created a budget, stuck to it, and within the first week, they had filled 3 vacancies!

Website Management

The Early School

While I did not create this website alone, it was created with my assistance.  The new Early School website was donated by a former school family and I worked with the teachers and staff to help facilitate it's creation.  After launch, it was handed over to me to manage.  I update newsletters, content, pricing and photos. This requires minimal work, some months more and some months less depending on what they need accomplished.

Marketing and Website Management

The Block 803

On the marketing team from the very beginning, I was responsible for facilitating the photo shoot and the branding of the development.  I worked with Shelley Simpson of Small & Mighty Marketing assisting her in developing the website and I now manage it.  Shelley mentored me on this and other projects and has really been the one pushing me to learn and grow as a website developer.  When something comes up that challenges me, she is the first expert that I turn to.

For this project website, we used drop-down menus, call to action buttons, layered content dividers, and numerous amounts of photos and data.

Website Development and Management

'Ohana Hale

On the 'Ohana Hale website project, Shelley Simpson of Small & Mighty Marketing and I collaborated on developing this website.

For this project website, we used drop-down menus, call to action buttons, numerous links to PDFs and other websites, and a LASSO integrated forms. This site was a rush request and was completed in record time!