For a simple one-stop page that contains your basic company information (logo, tagline, main products and services), and a contact button so your clients can get in touch with you easily. This is a good start if you're, well, unsure where to start!



What will soon be $2500, this First-Five deal won't last long... It comes with a new 5-page website and 5-months of website management to include updates to content, changes in layout and color preferences, and fixes of any issues that may arise.



Update content (prices, specials, employees, photos) on the regular with an hourly fee of $40 per hour.

A monthly fee is also available for those companies that need regular attention and changes.

Starting at $50


Need a notary and it's after bank hours or on the weekend?  Click this to send me a text for mobile notary services. My services start at $50 and include 2 notary certifications.  Each additional one is $20/per.

*Sorry, only in the Honolulu area unless arranged ahead of time. Outside Honolulu will incur additional charges for traveling.

Consulting Services

With an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a Masters Degree in Organizational Change and Development plus years of experience, I can assist you in an array of challenges.  Let's meet and discuss your goals, questions, and roadblocks. After we meet, I'll submit a formal proposal to you outlining what I believe are your needs and what I can help you with. I can help you see your vision more clearly and reach it. I won't sell you on something you don't need and if your challenges are out of my area, I'll be the first to let you know. What I want, is for you to succeed and feel good about it. Hourly rate of $40 per.

Full-Scale Marketing Services

You're sick of keeping up with the website, the social media, the advertising, the blog... You'd rather put more focus on running your business, which you do well. I'll keep you informed, involved, and in the know. It'll be as though you have a marketing department in your company, but without the overhead. Prices begin at $1000 per month.

Want to know more?

If you're interested in any of these services, or have other business related needs, please contact me and I'll either help you myself, or guide you in the right direction. I have multiple sources that I can pull from in all kinds of areas of expertise.  Push that shiny red button and see for yourself!